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Promoting healthy (high level) competition

Gymnastics is the greatest sport on earth and we at GymACT just LOVE talking about it and the healthy benefits of the high-level competitive teams.

In his competitive prime (i.e.: college) a gymnast’s athleticism is second to none. Besides the obvious physical abilities gained from the 20+ hours of intense training per week, these student-athletes endure/hone/master mental acuity, strength of character and time management skills -- all of which, by the way, are highly sought-after traits in ANY market they chose to enter after their competitive career.

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GymACT promotes the highest level of competitive college gymnastics. We are working closely with CGA (College Gymnastics Association) to spread the word about NCAA gymnastics (news, meets, special events) and its many positive aspects.

In the last few months, CGA took a more active role to improve the branding and visibility of NCAA gymnastics and GymACT supports their efforts to better inform and educate our community.

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