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’Tis the season GYMNASTICS season that is!

Thanksgiving is still fresh in our hearts and we want to thank YOU, our gymnastics family for the love and support. GymACT is here with and FOR you.

Today is ‘giving Tuesday’

We want to let you know that we need help. GymACT is a not-for-profit organization and we rely on donations and contributions to keep the gymnastics dream alive for OVER 200 ATHLETES this up-coming season!!!

Not just alive, but THRIVING! So any/all funds donated go directly to providing MORE opportunities to these and future student-athletes.


We currently have 15 programs across the country and too the addition of our 16th member-team: Indy-Hio. The family keeps getting bigger and bigger every year. YES!!!

Road to Nationals

RTN is the official national ranking database for all things GymACT (and NCAA). See last year’s results as well as the upcoming season schedule!

Bonus feature: many results are linked to videos of the routines. A GREAT resource for gymnast, coaches and judges.

College and Junior Meets

Keep an eye out (maybe put a bug in your coach’s ear to JOIN) the college meets held in conjunction with junior invitationals.

Participating in these meets (or simply attending) is a great way to see and be seen by college coaches and to get to know the staff and athletes of each program unclose and personal.


Our YouTube channel is THE PLACE to go for team updates and college gymnastics news.

See the latest team vignettes, SMASH the like button and SUBSCRIBE to our channel.

Winner takes all

What’s YOUR favorite GymACT team? Who’s YOUR pick to take on this year’s championships? The coaches pool results will be announced soon. Stay tuned.

For GymACT and with gratitude

Breeze Olsson, GymACT Secretary

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