Becoming a
high-level competitive
college gymnastics team


Teams and individuals that fulfill the following requirements will be considered ACTIVE GymACT Members:

  • Must be on RTN: This is the men’s National Team Ranking system that keeps track of all NCAA and ACT teams competitions and standings nationally. This will be used for qualification purposes both to the NCAA and USAG Collegiate Championships. Membership in the CGA is necessary to participate (currently $30/ yr)

  • Must have a dedicated COACH: A designated coach that leads and gives direction, support and is committed to the success of the team.

  • Must have team goal to qualify & compete in USAG Collegiate Nationals: Our National Championship as an organization is the USAG Collegiate Nationals. All sub goals should be with the intent to participate in this Championship meet as a team.

  • Be a member in good standing with the CGA (Coach’s membership)

  • Compete under NCAA competition rules: The NCAA men’s Gymnastics competition rules will govern all competitions.

  • Must have a valid USAGymnastics team membership to compete at USAG Collegiate National Championships. Until then, provide Proof of Insurance to the GymACT Secretary to participate at GymACT events. 

  • Pay Annual TEAM Membership Dues

  • Agree to the rules and regulations dictated by GymACT and its governing bodies 

  • Agree to the mission and philosophy of GymACT


  • Enrolled in College accredited course(s) pursuing a degree passing a minimum of 12 hours per year (or less if graduating that year). (Jan 1- Dec 31) OR petition an approved course of study toward a profession.

  • Own a personal Medical Insurance Policy

  • Pay Annual Membership Dues

  • Be a member of a GymACT Team

  • Must have a valid USAGymnastics membership to compete at USAG Collegiate National Championships. 


Costs of Membership:   
$20/ Team member (Those listed on the RTN website) 
$20 per team (Any team competing in a GymACT hosted meet)
$30 to join CGA per coach