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a GymACT fundraiser giving back 100% of raised funds straight into the heart of the gymnastics community.

Fundraiser Information:

Covid-19 continues to wreak havoc all around and gymnastics facilities across the country struggle to keep their doors open for business. GymACT is giving back! 

We are raising funds to go DIRECTLY into the hands of those who have been the backbone of the gymnastics community.  They need OUR help to ensure their survival, let alone longevity.  From pre-school classes all the way to college and elite level athletes, we are all passionate about this beautiful sport.  Let us continue to provide opportunities for gymnasts of all ages to keep on growing strong of mind, body and spirit.  


Reality check: "The situation is dire all over the place, but our gyms are forced by law to operate at 10% capacity per state and county mandates." - Sacramento Area Coach


Keep gymnastics clubs open. #saveGymnastics

...Continue Saving Gymnastics

#SaveGymnastics fundraiser has concluded, but "Saving Gymnastics" never stops!

GymACT (Gymnastics Association of College Teams) is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization and we rely solely on the generous contributions of our gymnastics community (private donations and volunteer time/energy from the incessantly devoted coaches and staff of our member-teams). ​ 

#SaveGymnastics was a 100% altruistic endeavor by GymACT; all proceeds passed on directly to gyms affiliated with our member-teams.  Thanks to quick thinking and immediate action by the board of directors (unanimous decision), we sprang into action and created this fund raiser practically overnight.  We ALL understood the importance of timing when dealing with gyms in critical financial conditions. There was no time to waste. So we didn't!

"We built it and they came"!   The campaign only lasted 5 days and the community did indeed come out to play in full force.  Folks from all over the country (as well as a few international contributions)  supported the cause and donated over $7,500. 


"We did a good thing."  - John

"Yes we did." - Breeze

Want to continue supporting individual gymnastics clubs or GymACT programs, please do! Reach out to them and let them know you are in their corner through these rocky times. 

Want to donate to GymACT? Please click on the button below and we will continue to make good use of the funds for the betterment of gymnastics (collegiate and every other level). 

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Fundraiser ended


#SaveGymnastics Fundraiser Recipients

  • 5280 Gymnastics

  • Above the Bar Gymnastics Academy

  • Accel Gymnastics

  • Advantage Gymnastics Academy

  • Aerial Gymnastics/ York H.S.

  • American Kids

  • Apex Gymnastics

  • Armory Athletics

  • Athletic Edge / NY Invitational

  • Azarian

  • Brestyans

  • Bright Raven Gymnastics

  • Broadway

  • C.I.T.Y. Gymnastics

  • Capital Gymnastics

  • Cascade Elite Gymnastics

  • Centre Elite

  • Champion Gymnastics SAN DIEGO

  • Champions United

  • Classic Gymnastics

  • Coach Patty's

  • Crenshaw Athletic Club

  • Denali Gymnastics

  • Dynamic Gymnastics Academy

  • EDGE Gymnastics

  • Elevate Gymnastics

  • Eric Will

  • Flagstaff Gymnastics Center

  • G-Force Gymnastics Training Center

  • GC2

  • Geist Sports Academy

  • Gold Cup Gymnastics

  • Gym World

  • Gymcats Gymnastics

  • GymJam

  • Gymnastics Mississauga

  • Gymnastics World

  • Hawaiian Island Twisters

  • Hotshots Gymnastics

  • KT's Gymnastics

  • Lakeshore Gymnastics Academy

  • Liberty Bell Athletics

  • Liberty Gymnastics

  • MEGA Gymnastics/Dundee-Crown H.S.

  • MEGA Gymnastics/Fremd H.S.

  • Metropolitan Gymnastics

  • MHG Gymnastics

  • Mismo Gymnastics, Roots Acro Sports Center

  • Monmouth Gym Academy

  • New Era gymnastics

  • New Hope Gymnastics

  • Ocean State Gymnastics

  • Ohana Gymnastics

  • Pacific Coast

  • Payke

  • Philadelphia Boys Gymnastics

  • Power and Grace Gymnastics

  • Prairie Gymnastics Club

  • Rising Star Gymnastics

  • Salem Gymnastics

  • San Mateo Gymnastics

  • Scats

  • Schaumburg H.S.

  • Seawind

  • Sportsplex Gymnastics

  • St. Charles Gymnastics

  • St. Louis Gymnastics Academy

  • Stanford Boy’s Gymnastics

  • Syracuse Mens Club Gym (Westside Gymnastics)

  • Technique Gymnastics

  • The Victors Gymnastics

  • Top Squad

  • Twin City Twisters

  • Yellow Jackets Gymnastics

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