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The "Flames On Fire" fundraiser has concluded, but "Saving Gymnastics" never stops!

GymACT (Gymnastics Association of College Teams) is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization and we rely solely on the generous contributions of our gymnastics community (private donations and volunteer time/energy from the incessantly devoted coaches and staff of our member-teams). ​ 

#FlamesOnFire was a 100% altruistic endeavor by GymACT; all proceeds passed on directly fire-displaced UIC gymnastics affiliated residents of 1108 Taylor St. building. 

Upon receiving the news of the disaster, GymACT members e sprang into action and created this fund raiser that same day. The board of directors unanimously supported this initiative, and with clarity and focus, launched the fundraiser to help get the boys back on track with their lives, school and, of course, gymnastics.  The guys needed a place to live, school goods and gymnastics materials.  MOST of that had been lost in the fire.  Timing was of the essence.  There was none to waste.  So we didn't.   

In one short week  the community did indeed come out in full force.  Folks from all over the country supported the cause and donations surpassed our goal, totaling over $11,000


2020 may have 'started for the UIC gymnasts, August 31st, 2018', but now you boys are HOME.  GymACT is your family and we take care of one another. 

Want to continue supporting individual gymnastics clubs or GymACT programs, please do! Reach out to them and let them know you are in their corner through these rocky times. 

Want to donate to GymACT? Please click on the button below and we will continue to make good use of the funds for the betterment of gymnastics (collegiate and every other level). 

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Flames On Fire

A Fundraiser led by GymACT
100% of raised money goes directly to the student-athletes from University of Illinois, Chicago (UIC Flames) displaced by the devastating building fire this week.

"I fell to the side walk because I couldn’t stand, and I was only wearing my shorts and socks, no shoes or shirt and the only thing I brought out with me was my phone. After I took the picture I called my parents and began to cry as I explained the situation while the place that contained over a year of memories was up in flames."

-- Nick Smiley, Displaced UIC Gymnast

The hits just keep on coming... The UIC Men's Gymnastics program was dealt a devastating blow this week. Gymnasts were displaced in the middle of the night by a fire that destroyed everything inside their apartment building.


Luckily, no one was badly injured.


GymACT is calling upon our entire community to dig deep and raise funds for these extraordinary young men.  They lost it ALL and now they need our help! 


For one week (Tuesday September 29th, thru Monday October 5th, 2020) we are raising money to go DIRECTLY into the hands the student-athletes.  

When a fire burns down their home, UIC gymnastics team members show the world why they are the FLAMES!!

"2020 started for the UIC gymnasts, August 31st, 2018 [...] it's a testament to these guys perseverance that we have a program today."

- Charley Nelson

Thanks coach John Lucas (NorCal United) for editing the post-fire conversations into a beautiful featurette.

A few days after the tragic fire to their building, displaced UIC gymnasts, along with coach Charley Nelson had a conversation with Breeze (NorCal United). 

One week after the devastating event, displaced UIC gymnasts are moving in to their new home.  They took a moment during their busy day to chat with with coach Breeze for a little update.  

Fundraiser Recipients: UIC Displaced Gymnasts
  • Emery Smith

  • Nick Smiley

  • Martin Escobar

  • AJ Hardin

  • Billy Hollis

  • Eric Barnd

  • Sam Montague

  • Taylor Styer

We raised over $11,000

On Friday, September 25,
a fast-moving fire swept through a three-flat on Taylor Street in Chicago. 

The building was home to UIC students, including eight current and former members of the UIC men’s gymnastics team.  The students escaped with little more than the clothes on their backs.


After the fire was extinguished, the residents were permitted to reenter the building to recover what they could.  What they found were piles of ashes where their belongings once were, and the charred or melted remains of their home.


We are asking for donations to help these student/athletes rebuild their lives, from the basic necessities including clothing and bedding, to laptops and related technology needed to navigate college in a virtual learning environment.

Fundraiser ended





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