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Credit where credit is due:

The 2023 competitive season came and went and there were SO many successes. Many awards earned and received IN the competition arena while others (no less important) presented based on academic, professional or even personal achievements.

We would like to take this opportunity to celebrate and share some of them:

2023 GymACT Academic All-Americans

Blake Hazell, Temple (3.93)

Brandon Baskin, Temple (3.38)

Jason Wenzel, Temple (3.35)

Stephen Rathbone, Temple (3.2)

Cole Janz, Iowa (3.41)

Ajeeth Iyer, SC United (4.0)

Miki Korol, SC United (3.89)

Alexander Kotnik, SC United (3.87)

Eric Shebert, SC United (3.6)

Trevor Ruggeri, Washington (3.87)

Riley Lineman, Washington (3.7)

Galen Henriquez, Washington (3.36)

Brandon Kim, Minnesota (3.81)

Owen Frank, Minnesota (3.69)

Noah Wills, Minnesota (3.67)

Kellen Ryan, Minnesota (3.39)

Jude Norris, Minnesota (3.22)

Yaroslav Owens-Pochinka, Minnesota (Med School)

Hunter Flechsig, Arizona (4.0)

Caden Peacock, Arizona (4.0)

Daniel Beaupre, Arizona (3.91)

Jackson Harrison, Arizona (3.9)

Zachary Litwin, Arizona (3.74)

Liam Bailey, Arizona (3.6)

Kotaro Komazawa, Arizona (3.6)

William Kinnick, Arizona (3.49)

Jerid Enyard, NIU (3.4)

Marshall Burrows, Rocky Mountain (3.96)

Gavin Robey, Rocky Mountain (3.25)

2023 USA Gymnastics Championships

GymACT had 15 athletes representing their respective teams at the illustrious 2023 Core Hydration Classic, on August 4-6, 2023 in Chicago, Ill.

Kellen Ryan, Evan Hymanson, Dallas Hale, William Pearce, Andrew Layman, Micah Puckett, Hunter Brunett, Nicky Franz, Caden Peacock, Ryan Swatscheno, Jackson Harrison, Charlie Larson, Danny Beaupre, Reuven Anderson, Clayton Cunningham

Congratulations to all competitors. It was a TOUGH meet and our gymnasts put on a GREAT performance all across the arena,

Congratulations especially to Jackson Harrison (Arizona State) and Dallas Hale (Texas Armadillos), who qualified to the 2023 USA Gymnastics Championships, in San Jose CA August 24-27, 2023.

Good luck in your pursuit of the coveted national team spots, guys!

Patting ourselves on the back:

GymACT continues to innovate the sport of gymnastics as well as establish standards and traditions. The implementation of new rules brought on improvements benefiting our growing number of teams, individual athletes and the quality of their competitive gymnastics and spectators (enjoyment of the events and better understanding of the rules/scores).

Critics agree: EVERYONE wants to see more crosses on rings! ;)

Second Annual GymACT All Star Championships

We also hosted the second annual GymACT All Star Championships (hosted in tandem with the NAIGC National Festival, in Memphis, TN, March 30, 2023

The virtual competition qualification process made it possible for athletes to participate without added burden of traveling to any additional competitions. 5 athletes from each conference (East and West) were selected to compete in each event at an enthusiastic and well attended session of the NAIGC-hosted event.

Congratulations to all competitors and this year’s bragging rights go to team West: 315.85 (vs. East 310.25).

Arizona State: Back on top!

The team from Arizona State showed strength of numbers AND quality of gymnastics all year around. And their dominance did not waiver as they claimed this years national title. Congratulations to everyone in the program. Well deserved.

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