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2021-2022 Season

2022 Season is here!
Catch the action live or online! 
2022 Post-Season!
GymACT National Championships

It was a HUGE meet for Iowa at this year’s GymACT National Championships, but, defending national champs Arizona fought to the bitter end and the top three all-around spots were too close to call until the very last landing.  In this video, Aiden Whitehead breaks down the results from the final meet of the 2022 season. 

Conference Championships Gold Medal Matches

Post-Meet Analysis: Aiden Whitehead reviews the 2022 GymACT conference gold medal matchups. 

Preview: Aiden breaks down the 2022 GymACT conference bracket system and takes us through the stats of each team  going into the Gold Medal Matches this weekend.

Arizona Vs Iowa

Saturday, April 23rd

Noon (pacific) / 3pm EDT

Scores and Video on

Temple Vs. Minnesota

Saturday April 23rd

Virtual: Routines Pre-Recorded

Review meet with Head Coaches on YOUTUBE

GymACT East Conference Gold Matchup with Temple and Minnesota head coaches, Jesse Kitzen-Abelson and Mike Burns.

We are watching the entire competition together and commenting on it all for your enjoyment.  

Score Sheet and routines available here

GymACT 2022 Season Fundraiser
Here's to the best year EVER!


2021 GymACT Live Handstanding
3-skill Challenge

Jump-start your season by challenging yourself against some of the best college athletes in the country. 

This event is a major GymACT teams fundraiser.  Join the fun and support your favorite program. 


ANY and ALL gymnasts welcome to register, submit and compete in this exciting virtual event.  3-skills per event. Enter as many events as you'd like (FX, PH, SR, VT, PB, HB) and see how you fair against GymACT gymnasts from all across the country.  

1010 Challenge

GymACT LIVE brings us another traditional national contest, the 1010 ("ten ten") Challenge.  


Gymnasts from all acros the country will come together to see who amongst them can complete (or excel) 10 presses AND 10 handstand pushups on parallel bars, in one turn.  Keeping a keen eye (and colorful commentary) is our crack-squad judges, evaluating the performances in real time and presenting results LIVE. 


Come support (or hackle) on 

  • Sunday, Oct. 10th, 2021, 10:10AM (PT)

2nd Annual Backflip Challenge
2021 backflip challenge ig.png

GymACT hosted the second annual Virtual Collegiate Back Flip Challenge, co-hosted by Olympic Gold Medalist Peter Vidmar!  The teams have obviously been practicing, as the scores went up from last year. :)  

  • Sunday, Sept 19th, 2021, 10AM (pacific)

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