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GymACT is a new incarnation of an old concept: a group of friends (in this case, college gymnastics coaches), working together to foster participation and growth of the sport.

GymACT June 5th, 2018 Conference Call


2018 marks the beginning of this organization; because, that's what we are doing: organizing. Inclusivity, and the strength that comes from collaborating towards a common goal (stronger than the sum or its parts and what not) is the cornerstone.

Tho it stems from simple idea (and a LOT of enthusiasm) and evolving to a complex task, GymACT is creating a platform that opens up the playing field to more student-athletes all over the country.

While we still have many details to discuss on the terms that define this group,

there is a well established foundation and philosophy.

Teams must train under the guidance of a dedicated coach and are committed to maintain the high competitive standards established by NCAA.

The goal of each team is to qualify and compete at USAGym Collegiate Nationals.

Teams are comprised of student-athletes working towards a college degree (or continued education and professional development for those who already have a degree). That's pretty much it... the rest are details...

Continuing discussion points include: membership criteria and agreements, articles of incorporation, setup of Non-Profit status, scholastic guidelines, supporting literature, templates and newsletters.

Onward bound!

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