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2022: An All Star season

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

This season GymACT student-athletes have more opportunities to compete than ever before. From in-house instersquad to national championships, or even national team member international assignments.

So many options, in fact, it's hard to keep track of all the meets. BUT, let's try to alleviate SOME of the confusion.

We'll talk about:

Road To Nationals (RTN)

This is the "official" collegiate gymnastics national ranking website. It is maintained under the watchful eye of CGA and it keeps track of NCAA (varsity) as well as GymACT programs. It's an 'apples to apples' comparison and scores are displayed following the NCAA competition protocols (5 up 5 count - at the time of this publication).

Conference championships:

The GymACT league has been divided into East and West conferences. This year they are set as:

West Conference

East Conference


Georgia United



Nor Cal

Northern Illinois University

Rocky Mountain

New York Alliance

SC United



University of Illinois at Chicago


The East and West conferences are further divided into brackets of 2-4 teams. These teams compete against one another throughout the year (in person or virtually), counting their "W"s in order to advance into their respective conference ranking spots.

Then in April, we will host a Virtual National Conference Championship meet. The GOLD MEDAL match will showcase the top qualifiers from each conference and they will duke it out for the 'National Conference Champion' title. The second place East and West finishers will have their "Bronze medal" match as well. Stay tuned!

Fantasy Gymnastics League (FGL) & USAG National Collegiate Championships

I sat down (instagram live) with FGL co-founder Dan Young of Fantasy Gymnastics League. We talked about gymnastics tools now available for gymnasts of all ages and levels AND the collaboration between FGL and GymACT.

FGL is a great tool for athletes of all ages and levels... BUT!

This season we needed to select our GymACT 'all star' athletes for USAG Collegiate Nationals (@ Navy, March 24th, 2022) and Fantasy Gym League came thru BIG TIME to make it possible. YES!

Basic Breakdown:

GymACT athletes will once again be competing at the prestigious USAGymnastics Men's Gymnastics Collegiate Championships (March 24th, 2022 @ Navy, Annapolis, MD). Competing against NCAA varsity programs, GymACT will will be represented by two 'All Star' teams (top 5 gymnasts on each event), Gymact East and GymAct West.

The qualification procedure (top 5 gymnasts from each conference per event) uses Gymnastics Fantasy League virtual competition platform to determine each event 'specialist' who will be competing at nationals.

Teams and athletes register and upload their routines onto the FGL system. There are 3 required virtual submission periods (Deadlines: Feb 12, Feb 26 and Mar 5). Athletes must enter ALL THREE submissions in order to be eligible.

Each entry is judged (impartially by FGL-approved, nationally-rated judges), the scores are tallied, athletes ranked and results announced.

After the third submission period, the selection committee announce the representatives from East and West on each event. We have a total of 74 competitors participating and so far, over 200 routines have been submitted and judged. Good luck, guys.

NAIGC: for athletes heading to club nationals. See for more information,

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