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Another historic weekend for the books

Shamelessly "borrowed" text from Scott Barclay's

On March 31st in Colorado Springs we begin the process of forming a new Association of collegiate teams called GymACT. This weekend we are at the USAG Men's JO National Championships where we announced this new Association and pounded out more details of what it will look like. These are teams that don't necessarily fall into the club mode but aren't accepted into the NCAA mode but clearly desire a very high level of competition. This ASU team has fallen in nowhere's land for the last 25 years seeking to provide a highly competitive environment for boys out of high school yet not willing to succumb to the philosophy and perception of what college "Club" has traditionally been perceived to be. This weekend was our second (official) meeting where we spent hours hashing through more details, clarifing our vision and getting a clearer direction of our purpose and path together as coaches. So proud of these coaches who have chosen to sacrifice so much to make opportunities happen for so many up and coming gymnasts in the future. Who knows where this will go, but I know that when you surround yourself with great people like this, great things happen. Let's Press On. Heinz Schulmeister, John Lucas, Giancarlo Mora, Jesse Kitzen-Abelson, Jeff Crockett, Rob Survick (left mtg to coach), Evan Shaw(judging now), Fabricio Olsson. CHARTER MEMBERS... ASU, UW, SoCal United, NorCal United and TEMPLE. What team will be next? Let us know if we can help.

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