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Conference Championships

The stage is set for this year's GymACT Conference Championships Gold Medal Matches.

West Conference: Arizona Vs Iowa

East Conference: Temple Vs Minessota

Aiden Whitehead breaks down the 2022 GymACT conference bracket system and takes us through the stats of each team competing at the Gold Medal Matches this weekend.

Where to watch?

West: Arizona Vs Iowa

Saturday, April 23rd, Noon (pacific) / 3pm EDT

Virtual Competition Live on


East: Temple Vs. Minnesota

Virtual Submissions: Routines Pre-Recorded Saturday April 23rd



Here are the conference brackets standings leading to the gold medal matches.

And in case you missed our Instagram GymACT Live Spotlights, here are the conversations with each of the head coaches for the teams competing this weekend:

For GymACT, Breeze Olsson

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