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Season Week One

College season is officially ON and there are already a number of great watch/reads around the inter-webs for us to indulge.

First GymACT meet

held at Washington Open and it was a blast and there is a great local write-up about the UW team.

GymACT in the news:

GymACT full competition video:

Thanks to coach John Lucas (NorCal United), who set up a lot of cool equipment at the meet to capture and edit ALL routines into one awesome video.

UIC pushing hard to engage public participation to show just how important gymnastics really is to all of us. A petition has been launched and there are still some signatures needed to push it thru.

UIC petition:

It’s always a good idea to contact “REAL” print media in your area. Push to have them cover events, accomplishment, human-interest stories, etc. You never know when there might be a GREAT write-up from someone enthusiastic about contributing and sharing the POSITIVE points of our amazing sport.

Local paper writes about collegiate athlete:

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