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Recruitment: looking into the future

As many aspects of our lives, the 2020 College Gymnastics competitive season was halted (and then cut short) due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The silver lining is that all of us involved with college gymnastics programs (GymACT, varsity programs and collegiate clubs) are all creatively working hard not only to maintain some semblance of normalcy, but to IMPROVE and GROW programs into the future.

One area we are focusing these days is recruitment. So here is some helpful information for each of the different sectors of our community and how you can actively participate in your own college gymnastics future.

All gymnasts:

Stay healthy. Your physical, mental and psychological well being is priority number one. Stay motivated and know that NO amount of training goes un-rewarded. Don't worry about the things you cannot do nor control at this time (of ever for that matter). Focus instead on what you CAN do: Flexibility, basics, conditioning, visualization exercises, etc. What an AWESOME time to get that pesky LONG stretch session in you've been meaning to for so long. You KNOW pre-hab is important and never got to do enough of it during the season... do it NOW and do it RIGHT! Get strong! What's that?!? MONTHS of nothing but rings and parallel bar strength?!? YOU'RE A BEAST!

To every high school-age gymnast: It’s never too early to be noticed. TODAY IS THE DEADLINE Get on the radar of EVERY college coach out there (this year). The document called “NCAA release of information” form is not just a “J.O. Nationals competitor” thing. It’s actually THE entry form to get onto the college coaches list of potential recruits. MUCH BIGGER DEAL, eh?!? So, make sure you get on that if you want the ‘chance’ of being contacted by college gymnastics coaches and recruiters.

Graduating Seniors (and Juniors too cuz who knows when we're actually going back to school)

If you are a high-school graduating senior, CONGRATULATIONS! Whether or not you have decided where you are going to college/university, the gymnastics landscape is always shifting and opportunities change from one year to another (existing programs may be dropped, new ones formed, number os scholarships available, or not, etc).

YOU are responsible for reaching out and (respectfully) keeping yourself on the radar of perspective coaches/schools. You (or your parent) can always email a coach directly and ask (pretty much) anything of them. They will let you know what/when conversations, meetings, communication is or is not allowed.

Let them know you are interested. Get to know their team (coaching staff, school, athletes) and keep the conversations appropriate and relevant to their program and the value YOU can bring to them.

Stock them on social media… sort of. Get to know their gymnasts and celebrate with them their accolades. Can you relate to their style, training etiquette, color scheme, likes and dislikes?!? Find ways to relate and build conversation material based on similar personal preferences and program characteristics. (OR, learn things you DON’T like about said program and move on).

Junior Coaches

Did your high-school age athletes submit their NCAA release of information form?!? Check in with them TODAY and make sure they are on that recruiting list!

Contact your local gymnastics association and engage in promoting college gymnastics events. Every college team in the country is eager to contribute to the base of operations. YOU. Without a strong base there will be no gymnasts for us to recruit, so it is in our best interest to help YOU built a strong competitive program and to harness, strengthen the relationships with the community from which we rely for our very survival, growth and longevity. Help us help you.

Check in with college coaches in your are (AND beyond) and get on THEIR radar. Make your voice heard, ask questions, pick their brains and develop a strong symbiotic relationship with their program. College coaches need you, the feeder program and your boys will benefit from this connection too.

College Club Members

Tap us for any/all reasons why GymACT can benefit from your participation in/with our organization. We can help each other. No strings attached. It’s how it’s been from the beginning and will always be. GymACT is here to help GROW college gymnastics and we HAVE to work together. For the gymnasts. Our community can only get stronger from our collaboration.


Contact your alma mater athletic department, local college/university recreation/club office, former coach, team-mates, athletic trainers, etc and strike up a conversation about college gymnastics. ANY conversation to get the ball rolling and discussing the AWESOME time/life you have and how much college gymnastics influenced the person you are today. Because it has, which is why you got this far in this post! YOU ROCK! pass it on.

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