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GymACT Releases 2023 Pre-Season Coaches Poll

With the 2023 men’s college gymnastics season a little over a month away, the GymACT Coaches are releasing this year’s Pre-Season Coaches Poll.

Arizona State regained its Number 1 ranking as the team to beat at the 2023 GymACT Nationals to be contested on May 13, 2023 in conjunction with USA Gymnastics’ JD National Championships. The captured nine first place votes and Coach Scott Barclay will be tough to beat this year.

Arizona State finished in second place at the 2022 GymACT Nationals after Iowa vaulted to the top spot of the GymACT rankings with a strong showing at Nationals last year.

Washington Men’s Gymnastics finished second in the pre-season rankings with two first place votes. A solid third place performance at the 2022 Nationals, Coach Jeff Crockett and the Washington team always fields a strong team and a large roster. Look for the Washington Team to be battling for the top spot on the awards stand in 2023.

The second year GymACT team from Minnesota garnered enough votes to take the number three spot in the pre-season rankings, moving up one spot from their 2022 fourth place finish at nationals. Coach Mike Burns continues to build the GymACT Program after his NCAA program was dropped in 2021.

2022 National Champions Iowa pulled in at number 4 with three first place votes. Iowa lost some of their big scores from last year’s team and will be working hard to get back on the podium in 2023. Coaches Lance Alberhasky and Tom Dunn are a force to be reckoned with and they’ll be working hard to maximize the scoring potential of a smaller team this season.

Rounding out the Top 5 is Temple Men’s Gymnastics led by Jesse Kitzen-Abelson and long time Temple coach Fred Turoff. The Temple Owls continue to produce strong teams after a long history as a strong NCAA program.

The rankings continue with Rocky Mountain Mavericks landing in sixth place; Southern California United in seventh; Northern Illinois in eighth; New York Alliance in ninth; Texas Armadillos in 10th place. Georgia United comes in at 11th while Gymnastics at UIC grabs the 12th spot. Bay Area bandits (formerly NorCal United) and Kansas City United round out the top 14 places in the first annual GymACT Pre-Season Coaches Poll.

2022-2023 GymACT Pre-Season Coaches Poll results:

1st Arizona State (275 points, 9 first place votes)

2nd Washington Men's Gymnastics (263 points, 2 first place votes)

3rd Minnesota Men's Gymnastics (241)

4th lowa Men's Gymnastics (231, 3 first place votes)

5th Temple Men's Gymnastics (216)

6th Rocky Mountain Mavericks (201)

7th Southern California United (200)

8th Northern Illinois University (176)

9th New York Alliance (161)

10th Texas Armadillos (155)

11th Georgia United (147)

12th UIC Gymnastics (145)

13th Bay Area Bandits (121)

14th Kansas City United (114)

- by Mike Burns, Minnesota head coach.

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