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GymACT Live: Conference Championships Live Streaming on Youtube (FREE)

This weekend GymACT hosts both the East and West Conference Championships. The competitions take place in conjunction with USA Gymnastics Eastern and Western Junior Nationals, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and Galveston, Texas respectively.

Due to venue limitations, Eastern Conference Championships will not be webcast live. It WILL instead be filmed and presented at a later date. Stay tuned.

BUT, GymACT Live WILL bring to you FREE (as always) the Western championships. And it will be media overload. You've been warned! ;)

AND if the internet gods are at peace, scores will be posted in real time at

What: GymACT Men's College Gymnastics Western Conference Championships

When: April 29th, 2023, 6:30 (central)

Where: Galveston, TX

Who: Arizona, Washington, Southern California, Rocky Mountain, Texas, Bay Area, Kansas City

This is the last stop on the Road to Nationals. SEVEN college men's gymnastics teams compete for the title of West Conference Champion!

Tune in for the FULL competition (as always) FREE and LIVE right here on GymACT Live!!!

GymACT is in its 6th season and we now have 14 programs across the country (spoiler alert: soon 15!!!). Visit for more information.

A HUGE "Thanks" to our AMAZING supporters

Here's SOME of the hardware set up in Galveston to make sure our GymACT community has (FREE) access to the fastest men's college gymnastics league in the country.

Good luck to ALL competitors this weekend (college as well as juniors).

And to you, our gracious fans: Enjoy the show.

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