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Back-Flip Challenge

GymACT Backflip Challenge: How many backflips can YOU do in 30 seconds?

Apparently... "a LOT" is the answer from the highly competitive gymnasts in OUR circles.

GymACT partnered with to launch the first gymnastics challenge of the 2021 season.  Teams were represented by gymnasts all over the country in an exciting backflip competition.  Best of all: The event was webcast LIVE! Don't worry! Re-runs are available at the Virtual Stars website. ;) The exciting event took place September 19th, 2020, 2PM pacific / 5PM estern.   Fans from all over the glove tuned in to cheer on their favorite college team.

There we were, flipping head over heals for the your viewing pleasure.  What: 2020 GymACT Backflip Challenge When: September 19th, 2020, 2PM pacific / 5PM estern.  Where: Who: Philly Men, NorCal Condors, Arizona State, Northern Illinois, University of Illinois Chicago, New York Alliance, Rocky Mountain, SC United, and Washington Gymnastics, plus VIP Guests

And the winner is:

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