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This weekend's Meets

Here is a list of men's college meets  going on this weekend and where to go to watch them:

GymACT 2021 Season Launch Fundraiser
Here's to the best year EVER!
GYMACT teams:

Saturday (2/6)

NIU vs ASU (6pm central)

Hybrid meet (in person and virtual) webcast on Youtube:



Kansas City United (3pm EST)

Their first meet EVER, competing in person at the Mercury Invitational (Kansas City). Routines will be made available for viewing after the event.


Sunday (2/7)

NY Alliance vs Philly Owls (*temple) (9am EST)

An in-person meet at Liberty Bell Gymnastics, will be live on NYA insta/Facebook New York Alliance Gymnastics (@nyagym)


NCAA varsity teams:

Saturday 2/6

Minessota vs. Ohio (7pm EST)

Video presented by https://www.btnplus.com/game/minnesota-at-ohio-st-on-02062021


Army vs Cal (5pm EST, 2pm PST)

Presented by Virti.us (https://virti.us/session?s=3yMhVIxZSJ)


Sunday 2/7

Nebraska vs. Penn State (1pm EST)



Be well, stay healthy.  Tune in & Stay Involved!


GymACT Live

The season is upon us! 

Georgia United (GAU) and Northern Illinois United (NIU) face off in the FIRST EVER real-time virtual meet between two GymACT teams. 


This meet is presented by GymACT.org in collaboration with Virtual Stars Gymnastics.  

To see real-time scores, please visit: https://virtualstarsgymnastics.com/gymactlive/gau-vs-niu-jan-2021




What: 2020 GymACT Life: GAU vs NIU

When: Saturday, January 30th, 2021, 5:45pm (eastern)/4:45pm (central)

Where: https://virtualstarsgymnastics.com/gymactlive/

Who: Georgia United vs. Northern Illinois United


SPECTATORS: Visit the Virtual Stars Site and watch it LIVE

Georgia United is a brand new GymACT program this year and they are coming on strong, eager to make a name for themselves in the men's collegiate gymnastics scene.  NIU is riding on the momentum of having already competed  their first meet of the season against Illinois (currently #4 NCAA team in the country)


Join us for this exciting LIVE event brought to you by the enthusiastic folks of GymACT.org in association with the uber-geeks at VirtualStarsGymnastics.com. GymACT teams will compete in the context of a ‘in person’ competition, the Centennial (Atlanta, GA).  The college teams will be rotating (GAU physically and NIU virtually) along with the developmental athletes following a ‘capital cup’ format (warmup & compete each event)..  We are thrilled to be able to combine the excitement of a college meet with the enthusiasm of a juniors sessions in this prestigious competition.  

Tune in and cheer for the teams, leave comments and share the link with everyone you know.   One never knows who will show up as a VIP guests to share their insightful commentary and point of view.  


Let’s start the season right with great college gymnastics, live and in real-time.

SPECTATORS: Visit the Virtual Stars Site and watch it LIVE
GymACT 2021 Season Launch Fundraiser
May it be our best year yet!


It’s another WORLD PREMIERE live event: 2020 Handstand Hold Challenge. GymACT.org, in association with Virtual Stars Gymnastics, will be hosting the FIRST EVER, real-time handstand challenge. ALL GymACT athletes (current and alumni) welcome. 

It’s Saturday 12/19/2020 at 3:30pm(pacific).

What: 2020 GymACT Live, HandStanding

When: December 19th, 2020, 3:30PM pacific / 6:30PM eastern.  

Where: https://virtualstarsgymnastics.com/contests/gymact-live-2020-handstanding/

Who: GymACT Gymnasts (current and alumni)

SPECTATORS: Visit the Virtual Stars Site and watch it LIVE


GymACT LIVE Dismount Challenge

GymACT LIVE 4-event Dismount Virtual Skills Challenge: Teams face off, head to head in a dismount difficulty competition. 

It’s another WORLD PREMIERE live event: 2020 Dismount Challenge. GymACT.org, in association with Virtual Stars Gymnastics, will be hosting the FIRST EVER, real-time dismount challenge. 

It’s Sunday 11/22 at 10:00am (pacific).

What: 2020 GymACT Live, Dismount Challenge

When: November 22, 2020, 10:00am pacific / 1:00pm eastern.  

Where: https://virtualstarsgymnastics.com/contests/

Who: GymACT teams (Rocky Mountain, New York Aliance)


Why We're Here

GymACT is here to foster the growth of men's college gymnastics programs, strengthen and raise the level of our sport and protect the relationships and integrity of Collegiate gymnastics.  

While promoting the essence of the sport and its competitiveness, we provide ideas and tools to inspire the creation of new teams and support existing programs in their pursuit of higher standards.



GymACT LIVE TenTen Challenge

GymACT LIVE TenTen Virtual Skills Challenge: Who can do 10 presses and 10 handstand pushups in ONE TURN?

It’s another WORLD PREMIERE live event: 2020 TenTen virtual challenge. GymACT.org, in association with Virtual Stars Gymnastics, will be hosting the FIRST EVER, real-time TenTen skills challenge. 

It’s Saturday 10/17 at... wait for it... 10:10am (pacific)... get it?  10, 10?!? Ok. moving on. 

What: 2020 GymACT Live, TenTen

When: October 17, 2020, 10:10am pacific / 1:10pm eastern.  

Where: FaceBook.com/GymACTeams/

Who: GymACT teams


We’re STOKED to have team representatives from all across the country.  And as a special caveat: The VIP judges to this challenge are none other than our very own GymACT N2 Award recipients: Mr. Nathan Tsuji (2019) and James Marden (2020). 

How many presses and handstand pushups can YOU do?!?  Post your best attempt and tag us (@gymacteams).  #goGymACT #tenten #gymactlive


Join us, October 17, 2020, 10:10am pacific / 1:10pm eastern.  

GymACT LIVE Virtual Pommel Horse Competition
Join us for this world premiere event. GymACT, in association with Virtual Stars Gymnastics, will be hosting the FIRST EVER, real-time virtual gymnastics competition. 


While others are busy filming and submitting their routines, we are pushing the threshold of technology to bring you REAL LIFE competition, head to head, complete with immediate scores by certified judges and mildly inappropriate commentary by coach Breeze (this time uncensored by absent Jesse, aka: the voice of reason of the operation).  


GymACT teams from Arizona and Illinois will be competing in an exciting dual meet.

The presentation may be virtual, but the competition is real and REAL-TIME!

In this exciting LIVE event.  Brought to you by the enthusiastic folks of GymACT.org in association with the uber-geeks at VirtualStarsGymnastics.com, gymnasts from these teams will compete in real time while judges take their "hot-seats", virtually, from their own hidden and undisclosed locations.  The routines will be evaluated and scored immediately and publicly.  THAT ALONE is a huge deal and NO ONE else is taking that risk but us.  GO GymACT!    


OF COURSE, the event will webcast LIVE!  So, put on your favorite pajamas and tune in to support college gymnastics Cheer loudly.  It’s live, so they can hear you!

virtual stars gymnastics logo.png


On Friday, September 25,
a fast-moving fire swept through a three-flat on Taylor Street in Chicago. 

The building was home to UIC students, including eight current and former members of the UIC men’s gymnastics team.  The students escaped with little more than the clothes on their backs.


After the fire was extinguished, the residents were permitted to reenter the building to recover what they could.  What they found were piles of ashes where their belongings once were, and the charred or melted remains of their home.


We are asking for donations to help these student/athletes rebuild their lives, from the basic necessities including clothing and bedding, to laptops and related technology needed to navigate college in a virtual learning environment.


We raised over $11,000

Fundraiser ended





Current Collegiate National Champions
Naval Academy

2019 Varsity and Collegiate Team Winners

Arizona State


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Giving back...

UIC Men's Gymnastics team members were displaced by building fire. GymACT.org created a fundraiser to help them bounce back from the tragedy. Coach Breeze (NorCal United) has a conversation with the boys and coach Charley (UIC) about it. Then, coach John (NorCal United) edited this beautiful video for us all to enjoy. It takes a village. 

Visit GymACT fundraising page: Flames on Fire to learn more about their ordeal and support by making a donation.

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