GymACT Backflip Challenge

GymACT is proud to announce the first gymnastics challenge of the 2021 season.  Teams will be represented by gymnasts all over the country in an exciting backflip competition.  Best of all: The event will webcast LIVE!

We are thrilled to partner up with Virtual Stars website to present this exciting event. Join us, September 19th, 2020, 2PM pacific / 5PM estern.  

Come cheer on your favorite college team as we flip head over heals for your viewing pleasure. 


What: 2020 GymACT Backflip Challenge

When: September 19th, 2020, 2PM pacific / 5PM estern. 


Who: Philly Men, NorCal Condors, Arizona State, Northern Illinois, University of Illinois Chicago, New York Alliance, Rocky Mountain, SC United, and Washington Gymnastics, plus VIP Guests

a GymACT fundraiser giving back 100% of raised funds straight into the heart of the gymnastics community.
...Continue Saving Gymnastics

#SaveGymnastics fundraiser has concluded, but "Saving Gymnastics" never stops!

GymACT (Gymnastics Association of College Teams) is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization and we rely solely on the generous contributions of our gymnastics community (private donations and volunteer time/energy from the incessantly devoted coaches and staff of our member-teams). ​ 

#SaveGymnastics was a 100% altruistic endeavor by GymACT; all proceeds passed on directly to gyms affiliated with our member-teams.  Thanks to quick thinking and immediate action by the board of directors (unanimous decision), we sprang into action and created this fund raiser practically overnight.  We ALL understood the importance of timing when dealing with gyms in critical financial conditions. There was no time to waste. So we didn't!

"We built it and they came"!   The campaign only lasted 5 days and the community did indeed come out to play in full force.  Folks from all over the country (as well as a few international contributions)  supported the cause and donated over $7,500. 

Fundraiser ended


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#SaveGymnastics is a fundraiser powered by With 100% of the funds raised going to gymnastics clubs around the country, the beneficiaries are gyms which have athletes on or act as training centers for GymACT teams. Created by: Coach John Lucas Thanks to the coaches, athletes and administrators of Technique Gymnastics for providing space and footage for the filming of this video. Video created by John Lucas (NorCal United)

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