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 2024 National Team Champions



2024 Commissioner Cup Winner

Florida Storm

GymACT Nationals - Daytona Beach, 5/11
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2023-2024 Season: 15 programs!
... and growing.
(Map includes added program: Indy-Hio #2024gymact16)
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2023 GymACT Rules

GymACT once again innovates men's collegiate gymnastics.  We've created a set of rules that benefit the athletes, the teams and the fans. 


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Local, State and Regional competition organizers, PLEASE help GymACT spread the word about the FUTURE of gymnastics in your area and publish this flyer in your competition program.
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GymACT 2023 Season Fundraiser
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Why We're Here

GymACT is here to foster the growth of men's college gymnastics programs, strengthen and raise the level of our sport and protect the relationships and integrity of Collegiate gymnastics.  

While promoting the essence of the sport and its competitiveness, we provide ideas and tools to inspire the creation of new teams and support existing programs in their pursuit of higher standards.

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Current Collegiate National Champions
Arizona State
Giving back...
UIC Flames on Fire featurette

UIC Flames on Fire featurette

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UIC Men's Gymnastics team members were displaced by building fire. created a fundraiser to help them bounce back from the tragedy. Coach Breeze (NorCal United) has a conversation with the boys and coach Charley (UIC) about it. Then, coach John (NorCal United) edited this beautiful video for us all to enjoy. It takes a village. 

Visit GymACT fundraising page: Flames on Fire to learn more about their ordeal and support by making a donation.

GymACT Members
  • Arizona State Gymnastics

  • Bay Area Bandits

  • Florida Storm

  • Georgia United

  • Iowa

  • Kansas City United

  • Minnesota

  • New York Alliance

  • Northern Illinois

  • Rocky Mountain

  • Southern California United

  • Temple University

  • Texas Armadillos

  • University of Illinois at Chicago

  • University of Washington

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